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Sleek & Beautiful

Ambient Jazz Soundscapes

Sleek & Beautiful


We are a duo, consisting of Bev Knowlden, a Jazz saxophonist with rock tendencies with Peter Shearn, a Rock Guitarist with Jazz influences. Both share a fascination with ambience.

Sleek & Beautiful


Using Loops and electronics, Pete and Bev improvise music based on original formats along with some song standards such as 'Cry Me A River', 'Take 5' and 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' for example.

Sleek & Beautiful


Jazzient perform in restaurants for diners, in galleries for viewers, cinemas for guests, on the streets for people and always for enjoyment.

samples of our music

We hope you enjoy a selection of our musings...

Sleek & Beautiful


A light reggae inspired by the minimal playing of Ernest Ranglin. (STUDIO RECORDING)

Sleek & Beautiful

Knit One Live

An easy laid back groove to dream by. (LIVE RECORDING)

Sleek & Beautiful

Over The Rainbow Live

Our version of the classic song (LIVE RECORDING)

Sleek & Beautiful


Pulsing beats and voyaging saxophones. (STUDIO RECORDING)

Things we say

Very opinionated we are

December 17, 2019 No Comments

A sad day…:(

My Wond finally gave out… What’s that? you ask. A lot of people know about the e-bow. A delightful guitar gadget that provides endless sustain of a string when hovered over. this leaves the player to fret notes on that string without picking and is perfect for generating washes of sounds with drones etc. Well […]

February 12, 2018 No Comments


New Year New Gadgets!   Being lucky, I (Peter) had a guitar built at Crimson Guitars in Dorset. They created (eventually!) a lovely guitar largely based around similar one they made for Robert Fripp. I had mine made without the midi pick-up which is on his. The reason being that Boss have created a foot-pedal […]

November 25, 2017 No Comments

Side benefits

One of the great side effects of playing live music is the places that you go to play. One of the finest places we’ve encountered is the Totnes Cinema. Lovingly regenerating a new picturehouse where an original cinema – the Romany Cinema – once existed and closed in the 1960’s. It since became the Library […]