Monthly Archive July 24, 2021

Wow! Live music again!!!!

It’s been sooooooo Long!


Back from playing our first event in more than 9 months at the Yarty Party festival  was a genuine thrill.


We were delighted to be asked for the 2020 festival by Andy Davis after a small gig in Paignton. That’s when the world turned upside down!

So 2021 turns out to be the next opportunity and it was wonderful. What a response too! Bev & me have been bloody lucky to be able to carry on rehearsing together through the pandemic and we were postively itching to get out there again and play out our new ideas.


As it happened the sound situation forced us to play more covers and high volume beats than usual but it was still fantastic to get out there again!

Thanks so much to the lovely people who really look like they were enjoying the vibe, and we felt boosted and driven to work harder to get out more and PLAY!